A ultra fast powerDNS web user interface with integrated authorative and recursive dns management, adblock and user management!

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Supported Features

This features are implemented and working:

  • Complete Domain Management
  • Custom TLDs for Intranets
  • Internal Whois Management over WebUI, whois cli for linux systems and API.
  • Changelog (Log Everything what your Users are doing! Useful for auditing.)
  • Full Redis Support. For Session-, Model- and Query-Caching. With Redis-Sentinel you can also deploy this application on a HA cluster.
  • User Management
  • Permission Management

Planned Features


  • Removing of the most common bugs BUGS.md.
  • Combine Changelog for DNS with Users
  • Record Creation Assistant (Modals for MX, TXT, SRV, etc Records)
  • Nicer and mobile friendly UI
  • User Signup should be changeable
  • CDN Connector (NGINX Reverse Proxy mit Lets Encrypt)
  • Credit System for DNS Zones
  • Credit System with combined billing and paypal gateway
  • Dashboard with Statistics (Admin and User)
  • LDAP Connector (only importer!?)


  • Recorsor Management (Cache DNS Queries from your LAN and implement your own TLDs)
  • Advanced AdBlock and Parental Control with own block lists.
  • Dynamic DNS API.
  • Recursor Metrics via PowerDNS API --> Cronjob with input in MySQL


  • Authorative Nameserver Management (Manage your public domains)
  • Authorative Metrics via PowerDNS API --> Cronjob with input in MySQL

Third Party

  • Register free or paid Domains directly over Freenom API.
  • Register paid Domains directly over Hetzner API.
  • Credit System for Freenom API


kDNS is open-sourced software licensed under the New BSD License. Please read the License located in LICENSE.md