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My recommendations for cheap hosting

Posted by Kai Pazdzewicz on 12 December 2019

I use cloud services a lot. I have own servers in my home and previously had a lot of dedicated servers in different datacenters all over the world.

Dedicated servers are great, but very expensive. Also I've wasted a lot of resources. Sure you can use proxmox to utilize the resources better but then you need ip addresses and it gets more expensive.

So I've decided to go cloud native with my environment to save me a lot of money.

I choose multiple providers for my purposes. Some are better than others, so this list provides my experiences with different providers.


Rating: 10/10

Used Products

  • Dedicated Server
  • Hetzner Cloud Compute
  • Hetzner Cloud Volumes
  • Hetzner Cloud Floating IP
  • Domain Registration Robot


Hetzner is my go-to hoster. Super stable services and a huge amount of products have always satisfied my project needs. The new cloud service is great and also offers nice services like floating, ip and api control. Also you can control dedicated servers via api out of the box. So automatization is king.

But what I want is more:

  • The volumes are great but I also want a cheap and simple S3 compatible object storage.
  • I'm missing the great firewall from the dedicated servers in the hetzner cloud, please add this feature!

Most of my Infrastructure is hosted with Hetzner.

The support staff from Hetzner is great and always delivers more than even possible. 24/7 staffing at the datacenters is just great!

Hetzner is also leading in the german market and has multiple datacenters in germany and finland (with a own sea cable) and a overall high bandwith and connection to all mayor providers.

Also I've previously worked there so I can totally recommend the service, the guys and gurls know what they are doing!


Google Cloud

Rating: 7/10

Used Products

  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Google Compute
  • Google Cloud Storage


If you are searching a free service for a year, then I always recommend starting with google cloud. You get a huge amount of money to play with. Otherwise I think that Google Cloud is way too expensive for a private user, but cheaper than AWS.

I currently only use an always free f1-micro instance as a nameserver and the 5 GB free Bucket for storing Database Backups.

Website: GCP free Tier

Amazon Web Services

Rating: 5/10

Used Products

  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon SES


Amazon is great! But I have a few downsides: AWS tries to lock you in with the great services and then you need to pay as you grow. And the bill will get expensive. More expensive than with other providers.

Also you always need to calculate the price and this price is sometimes dependent from factors you can't control.

The support is okay but most of the time you are on your own.

Website: AWS free Tier


Rating: 9/10

Used Products

  • Droplets
  • Kubernetes
  • Spaces
  • Volumes


DigitalOcean is just great. I love them. The price is way more cheaper than with AWS or GCP but doesn't beat Hetzners price tag.

Support is also great and helped me a lot with a stupid mistake in my Helm template.

The only downside was that I once used a droplet as a mirror for various files and it caused a lot of traffic. So DO decided to shut down my VM. I understand that they don't advertise a bandwith, just transfer but that wasn't fair.

Website: DigitalOcean


Rating: 10/10

Used Products

  • SSD Cloud
  • BGP


I once used Vultr for a DDoS Research project where I've built an autoscaling cloud which filters DDoS Traffic. They always helped me and provided an overall great support. If you own an IP Space you can bring it to this provider for free! Most of the VMs have 10 Gbit connection, so they are freaking fast.

Website: Vultr (Affiliate Link, 50 USD to test)


Rating: 7/10

Used Products

  • Kimsufi Dedicated Servers
  • So you Start Dedicated Servers
  • Domains


If you want a cheap dedicated server with a leading french provider then I would always recommend OVH. Also the domains are really cheap and offer a huge self service, more than you get with Hetzner.

The support for Kimsufi servers is nonexistent, but it is their cheapest services. You can get reliable dedicated servers from ~10€ per Month.

The checkout process is a little bit weird and sometimes their control panel switches to french (what I don't understand).

Did I mentioned that this provider is very cheap? Yes, because they use nuclear power!

Kimsufi Website: Kimsufi

So you Start Website: So you Start

OVH Website: OVH


Rating: 6/10

Used Products

  • Dedicated Servers
  • OneCloud


Somehow affiliated with Canadian company, so default language is french. Prices are cheap for OneCloud but not for the dedicated servers because they are mostly resold from other providers.

Also you can have different experience with support and functions for different locations due to the resold servers.

Services are stable but not as good as with other providers.

Website: OneProvider